Simplr launched in 2016 with a bold mission to eradicate disposable coffee cups. Quite a mission, but we needed to have an ambitious goal to aim high. And the only way we can come even close to such a feat is by creating a functional cup with an impeccable design. 99% of disposable coffee cups are not recyclable and every minute over 1 million cups end up in landfills globally! You may think you're only one person who can't make a difference. But what if everyone thinks this way? It's your responsibility to do your part and it's our responsibility to help make it Simplr for you.

We pride ourselves in the aesthetics of timeless simplicity and understand that we need to rebrand the idea of a reusable cup. No more clunky red travel mugs that serve as memorabilia from past and forgotten conferences. Instead, we have created a sleek glass cup that's functional, classy, and instills the values of reducing waste and needless consumption.